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GW1 Control Panel


The control panel is a central element of any security system, as it enables the user to arm and disarm the alarm system.

The GW1 control panel also allows you to arm and disarm the alarm system remotely and to communicate with the monitoring center hands-free. Plus, it lets you control the various automated devices in your home (lights, air conditioning, etc.) from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Since it uses the cellular communication network, the GW1 control panel eliminates the risk of an intruder cutting telephone lines to access your home. Plus, it makes having a landline unnecessary, helping you save money.


  • Cellular technology, no landline required

  • Two-way voice communication

  • Voice menu that both informs and guides you on how to use the system

  • Interactive mobile, tablet and web-based apps

  • Easy to add additional features of home automation

  • Syncs with smart thermostats, electronic door locks and other technologies

  • In case someone tries to break the control pannel, the included crash & smash protection transmits an alarm signal to the GardaWorld monitoring center.

  • The equipment will work with security system upgrades.

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