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From control panels to smart video doorbells, all the products we offer in our home security equipment have been carefully selected to ensure optimal and reliable protection.

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The GW1 is an intuitive and user-friendly control panel that allows on-site and remote access to the security system. It makes it possible to control the elements of home automation. 
The GW2 control panel offers the same functions as the GW1 but with a larger touch screen and interesting advanced features, such as the ability to create zones that can be armed or disarmed separately.
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Connected to the Internet, our video doorbell sends a notification to your smartphone or tablet when a guest arrives at your door, and allows two-way communication, among other things.
The smart door lock is an electronic and mechanical locking device that opens wirelessly with the authentication of an authorized user through a smartphone. It allows you to give remote access to visitors, among other things.
The Smart Thermostat is used with your control panel with home automation functions. For example, it can be programmed to lower the room temperature when you arm the alarm system, and then you can remotely raise the temperature before you arrive. 
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A rapid-detection and reporting device for smoke, heat and freezing. A signal is also automatically sent to the GardaWorld Monitoring Center.
This device will quickly detect and report when a water leak or the onset of flooding has occurred.
The smart water shut-off valve reacts quickly to shut off the main line when water is signalled by one of the water leak detectors. It is also possible to program the closing of the valve when the system is armed in Away mode as a preventive measure.
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The motion detector can detect the presence of an intruder and sound the alarm, while also recognizing if pets are present.
This is a wireless audio sensor installed on the ceiling or wall, which can detect if a window in the covered area is smashed or broken.
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Our wireless contacts for doors and windows let the security system know if they are closed or open. They can also be installed anywhere you want to monitor a possible opening (e.g. a medicine cabinet).
Allows you to remotely control, using your smartphone, any lighting product such as a bulb, switch, dimmer, plug-in module or power socket.
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Device that detects and signals the presence of carbon monoxide in the air to prevent poisoning. A signal is also automatically sent to the GardaWorld Monitoring Center.
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This wireless emergency button sends a signal to your control panel, which in turn immediately sends a signal to the GardaWorld Monitoring Center. Available in fixed or portable version.
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