With the arrival of cold winter weather, maintaining a gentle heat in your home ensures your comfort and that of your family. And isn’t coming in from the cold and stepping into a welcoming and comfortable environment one of winter’s pleasures? However, your heating system does so much more than simply keep you warm.

Maintaining a stable temperature prevents the pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes will not only prevent water from circulating, but most concerning, they can also burst and cause water damage or even flooding.

A matter of time

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If you’re home, you will quickly notice lower temperatures. However, if you’re out, you will only become aware of the problem once you get home, and it may be too late to avoid harmful consequences.

If your heating system stops working, your home begins cooling down immediately. Even if properly insulated, a house that is not heated loses about 1°C per hour.¹ In periods of extreme cold, it would take less than 24 hours for the thermostat to drop to a critical level.

An alarm that can make all the difference

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A temperature variations detector ensures that a drop in temperature doesn’t go unnoticed. Some models also detect water leaks when they are installed in a spot close to exposed pipes that may burst if frozen, for example, in the basement.

When the temperature drops below the predetermined limit (about 7°C for at least 10 minutes) or when water is detected, an alarm is immediately triggered at our monitoring center. An operator will contact you right away so you can take the necessary measures to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. You can also opt to receive an instant alert through our mobile app.  

A second option that covers all your needs

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GardaWorld offers another model of temperature variations detector, which also detects smoke, and should be installed outside bedrooms. When smoke is detected, an alarm is triggered in your home and at GardaWorld’s monitoring center. A member of our team will try to contact you, and if they can’t reach you, emergency services will be called immediately.

Who are temperature variations detectors intended for? All home or condo owners as well as cottage owners or those with a second home, where periods between visits can be longer—as long as several days, or even weeks.

We’re here to help

To learn more about adding temperature variations detectors to your existing security system, or to inquire about setting up a security system, call us at 1 833 GARDA 33 (1 833 427 3233) or fill out a contact form here.


¹ Intense Cold — General Information, Santé Montréal (available in French).